After 50 years, the Army gets a new parachute

America's army has used the same round T-10 parachute since the 1950s, but since then soldiers have been carrying heavier loads and demanded more out of their drops. The answer? The new T-11 chute, which features a larger, squared canopy capable of delivering heavier gear at a slower rate of descent.

The T-11 is 28% larger and falls 49% slower, allowing it to carry more without sending troops crashing into the ground. It also features an improved harness that allows for more integration with modern equipment and an upgraded sleeve deployment system that "creates more space between parachutes as they deploy and inflate," which should cut down on things getting tangled up in midair, and collisions.

Soldiers from the 75th Ranger Regiment already took the T-11 for a spin. Click Continue to see what they had to say about it.

Via Defense Industry Daily