Acer unveils world's first laptop with built-in 3D support

One of Acer's machines just learned a new trick in what the company is hailing as world's first 3D laptop. According to Acer, you'll be able to view 2D movies and photos as 3D content — you'll be able to do the same for games that support Direct X 9 and up. Before you get too excited: yes, you'll have to wear those damn glasses.

Acer's 3D effect is a a cocktail of "in-house software, a special screen coating, and polarized glasses," according to Tom's Hardware.

Acer calls it the "TriDef 3D Experience:"

The display has been coated with a special 3D film that clings to the panel pixel by pixel, enabling the LCD technology to deliver a 3D visual feast. Slip on the cool polarized eyeglasses that filter the images and you're ready to dive into an extraordinary 3D adventure.

…you can enjoy stunning 3D multimedia with no need for a special graphics card. A simple and intuitive interface gives you access to the world of 3D multimedia: videos, DVDs, photos and games. The software includes a set of tools designed to offer a completely seamless 3D viewing experience…

I don't care how cool your 3D goggles are, Acer. I'm sure it's a neat effect, but I'm still waiting for the world of 3D without the goofy shades.

Acer, via Tom's Hardware, via Maximum PC