A look at the Alien vs. Predator game you never played

Edge Online has posted a trimmed version of the magazine's Alien vs. Predator retrospective. Since you probably didn't have an Atari Jaguar, which struggled to establish a user base in the short time before it was buried by the first Playstation, you probably didn't play this game. But fifteen years ago, consider this game was doing things that were even too cool for the more recent Aliens vs. Predators.

Deft design touches differentiated the [Alien and Predator] sections, such as the ability to cocoon enemies while an Alien, and to take over these new Aliens should you die - a neat way of emphasising their hive consciousness. Predators, meanwhile, acquired better weapons according to how 'honourable' their kills were. And all the while, an unremittingly tense atmosphere was maintained by the lack of a musical score.
The developer, Rebellion, went on to make another Aliens vs. Predator for the PC in 1999. They're currently at it again, developing a new AvP to be published by Sega next year. Three games with pretty much exactly the same name? That's got to be some kind of record.

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