8 Halloween costumes that defy reality

Now we take you into the upper echelons of Halloween costumes, where optical illusions rule, the laws of physics are challenged, and the eye is tricked. Everybody knows a severed head can't talk, a grown man can't be born, and you can't see through a living person's belly. But we'll see about that, when you click Continue Reading.

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1. Camaro transformer

A Chevrolet dealer in Alabama created this spectacular Transformer costume, creating a working mechanism that changes from car to robot and back with uncanny smoothness, no bailout required.

2. Boba Fett hovering

Making the illusion complete in this Boba Fett hovering costume: The wearer rolls around on roller blades. This is one of the all-time greats.

3. Headless Marie Antoinette

Nicole Magne put together the scariest headless Marie Antoinette costume ever, making it so poor Marie can still eat all the cake she wants — Nicole constructed the costume so she still has use of both arms (the arm holding up her head is fake).


4. Humpty Dumpty

Mark Simmons takes advantage of his bald head to create this perfectly out-of-proportion Humpty Dumpty, depicted just before his great fall, and proving that not all bald guys look alike. King's horses and men optional.


5. But Mommy, I don't wanna grow up!

Reminds us of quite a few of the partygoers we know. Not bad for a store-bought costume, but you'll pay dearly, it's $60 on sale, and no, mommy's not paying for it, either.


6. Guy being born

Good lord! Now I want my mommy. The guy looks a little old to be born, but it's Halloween, you can be whatever you want. Where's the morning-after pill when you really need it?


7. Gaping Hole Costume

We told you about this one back in February, and we're just reminding you now: Put a webcam on your back, an LCD from a old DVD player on the front, send the signal from back to front — and the result is magic. Brilliant.


8. Dinosaur takes a guy prisoner

We've seen the costume like this with an ape taking a tourist prisoner, but this dinosaur version of it beats all for hilarity. And who says dinosaurs have never walked with humans?

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Have you seen other mind-bending, reality-defying costumes? Have you ever had your head placed on the wrong part of your body? Let us know in the comments below!

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