7 gadgets for scaring the crap out of your friends

Halloween is about candy and fun, sure. But it's really about scaring the pants off your friends for your own entertainment. And why not use technology to help you do so? Here are 7 gadgets that will help you make Halloween into a night of pure terror.

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7. Remote Control Car with Night Vision

This R/C car will let you sneak up on people in the dark from afar, with you being able to see everything they can't. I'll leave what you do with it in your hands, but I'm sure you can see the potential here.


6. Doll Head Pencil Sharpener

Oh, do you need your pencil sharpened? I can help you with that… in a doll's eye socket. Added bonus: the shavings get pushed out the poor thing's mouth. Gross!


5. Skull Motorcycle Helmet

In theory, this thing is supposed to protect your head in case you get into a motorcycle accident. In practice, it makes you look like a terrifying thug from the future, here to enact horrible revenge on all who wronged you.


4. Dead Fred Pen Holder

The perfect compliment to the pencil sharpener above, poor Dead Fred gave his life so you could have a handy spot for your writing implements. Gruesome, yes, but also functional enough to unsettle people all year long at your desk.


3. Sack of Bloody Eyes

Nothing says scary like finding a sack full of bloody eyes in the fridge. Oops, who left that there? And hey, who drank the last of the milk?


2. Crawling Dead Girl

This is a dead girl, her mouth stitched shut, who crawls slowly around. A great way to wake someone up in the morning, just set it under their bed and let 'er rip.


1. Fake Corpse

OK, this one is pretty self explanatory. But for added fun, get one that looks just like you (they're customizable) and leave it in your bed. Whoever finds it first will think you're dead, which everybody knows is hilarious!