10 geeky, life-ruining costumes for kids

Much like dogs in sweaters, kids don't always get to decide how they're dressed. This is doubly true on Halloween, when cruel parents can turn their beloved youngsters into anything at all. Typically this means cute animals or movie characters, but sometimes it means horrible, horrible lapses in reasonable Halloween attire.

Lucky for us, they then upload pictures of all these adorable mistakes online for the rest of us to see. Click Continue to see 10 geeky, life-ruining costumes for kids.

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1. iPhone (with stroller)

The iPhone is a cute baby costume as long as no one treats your kid like he has a built-in accelerometer. Or touchscreen. "Aw, look at this little iPhone!" Pinch. Pinch. Pinch. At least this little guy's on wheels — he's going to need 'em.

2. Baby Horrible

I'm not saying I don't like Dr. Horrible. I'm not even saying that I don't like Baby Horrible. She's cute, sure, but look: the doc's got some problems. You don't want this baby getting any ideas.

3. A.R.L.E.N. the Robot

This, ladies and gents, is what we call a fantasy. The costume is really awesome — so can you spot the big problem here? All the ladies in the background! This guy's going to think dressing up like a robot is going to get him the gals. Oh wait, look how far back they're standing… I guess this checks out.

4. iPod Girl

This poor girl. Future boyfriends are going to rib her for that High School Musical track playing. She'll always resent how she was one of the old blocky iPods, and not one of the sleeker, late-gen models. And what if she becomes a fan of the Zune? She'll always look back and — HA! Okay, yeah, I couldn't keep going with a straight face either. A Zune.

5. Lil' Ghost Buster

Growing up afraid of ghosts is pretty crucial to a child's development. It's a damn traditional, for goodness sake. How else are you going to keep your tyke in line? Besides, you don't want him turning out like Dan Aykroyd.

6. Whoopee cushion

Dressing your baby up as a joke? Sure, that's cool. What's it going to do about it anyway? Dressing your kid up as a joke that works best when you sit on it? You probably don't want to encourage that. You also shouldn't draw attention to all the — well — similarities that babies and whoopee cushions share.

7. iPhone Girl

You're not fooling us, iPhone Girl. You're actually a human girl, just holding up a board in front of her. (Sweet drawings, by the way.) Still, we have to wonder: how did your parents talk you into being a phone for Halloween?

8. Robot and Inventor

Someone's getting a raw deal here, but I can't figure out who. On the one hand, that kid on the left gets to be a robot (always awesome), but he's being followed around by his inferior meatbag inventor. On the other hand, that inventor is smart enough to build robots (always awesome), but he's probably going to get his arms pulled off by the end of the night. Robots never behave.

9. Davros

This costume won't ruin this kid's life as much as it will everyone else. Why? Read this. "Exterminate!" isn't the most endearing catchphrase for a youngster.

10. Borg Baby

This little guy's first words won't be "mom" or "da-da," but simply "Borg!" Hope you're okay with that. Resistance may be futile, but getting a date will be, too, when he grows up. Oh, just kidding, Trek fans. I'm just bitter your reboot was better than the prequels.

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Have you seen other horrible, life-ruining costumes for babies? Were you a victim of such a crime yourself? Let us know in the comments below!

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