10 retro-gaming costumes for Halloween

Could the best Halloween costumes be the ones made by fans of old-school games? From titles as ubiquitous as Tetris to obscurities like Day of the Tentacle, this list has it all. Just about the only one that's lacking here is Pong — although, dance too much in that nylon costume and you may well find yourself being batted away by anyone you get too close to.

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1. Dragonball

I like Manga. You like Manga. He, She, It likes Manga, but what in the name of Piccolo's nutsack is this? Nice touch that the packaging says "Hair not included," though.

2. World of Warcraft Bloodfang

Now this is impressive — no plastic bags with a tee-shirt and wrist bands, no siree. Take one black hoodie. Fashion shoulders from shin pads, cardboard, wire, red and black cloth, and staples. Add the red cord from your mom's dressing gown, and hey presto! TayTayFlann of Frostmane is a bloodfang.

3. Sonic and Tails
Sonic is a popular character for Hallowe'en — just look at all the sub-standard costumes you can get on Amazon. But Tails? Wowzers. Just don't tell Fantastic Mr Fox, or he'll get jealous.

4. Tetris

Tetris as Hallowe'en costume: discuss. Before going to university, I was warned by my dad that I'd spend the first two weeks making friends, and the next two years trying to get rid of them. And how damn hard would it be getting rid of them if you'd gone to your first-year Hallowe'en party as a full line?

5. Blinky

Blinky, seen here at BioWare's Hallowe'en party last year, Inky, Pinky and Clyde are Pac-Man's four horsemen of the apocalypse - and I'm not sure whether you want Conquest, War, Famine and Death at a party. Well, I'm sure most guys wouldn't say no to Conquest.

Street Fighter.jpg
6. Street Fighter

I had to have a bit of help from DVICE staffers on the names front, after I discovered these six characters weren't the Pussycat Dolls. This is as far as we got: Vega in the spandex pants; Colonel Guile in the green vest; Sagat in the patch; Ken looking radiant in red and Ryu throwing the only authentic pose front middle. But who the hell's the bloke bottom right in the keffiyeh? I'm stumped. Answers on a comment, please.

7. Day of the Tentacle

Purple Tentacle and Green Tentacle (do you reckon they sing their names to the tune of I'm a Pink Toothbrush?) hang out together at what looks like a bit of a dry old party. Given the Purple One's thirst for world domination, I expect he'll leave soonish.

8. Pac-Man arcade game

What marks Russell Luzinski's costume out from the others is its practicality. Somewhere to rest his drink. Somewhere for everyone to rest their drinks, until he is so blighted by half-filled glasses with wet bottoms that either a) his Pac-Man costume turned into a soggy cardboard mess and starts stinking of eau de dumpster or b) the sheer weight of unwanted booze turned him into part of the furniture.

9. Super Snake

There is nothing I can say about this costume apart from, er, dude. Duuuude. That's one angry joystick you've got there.

10. Operation

Perhaps the most old-school of the old school, Operation is more than a game — it's a way of life (although please make sure you're up to speed with its sister game, Health Insurance) and will probably get you more than your fair share of nurses to chat to at parties.

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