World's first 3D point-and-shoot camera comes to America

Good on Fujifilm for making good on its promise to launch the Finepix Real 3D W1 point-and-shoot camera in the U.S. this September, albeit barely. The camera, capable of shooting both still pics and video in 3D, is available for purchase starting today for the tidy sum of $600.

So how do you view the 3D pictures? No need for any glasses — the special rear LCD shows the photos in 3D, and you can buy the separate V1 picture viewer with an 8-inch screen for $500. You'll also be able to order prints through Fujifilm for $6.99 each.

I got to play with the Real 3D for a few minutes during a meeting with Nvidia earlier this month (the graphics-processor maker says Fuji's system is compatible with its 3D Vision tech, meaning the pics are viewable on regular screens with special glasses and softhardware). The camera is simple to use, and depth really appears to pop out of images on the rear LCD. It looks a bit "shiny," rather like those hologram comic book covers that used to be everywhere, but it's unmistakably 3D.

This cam and and the emergence of 3D Blu-ray systems herald a big push for the tech in the coming year. We like the Fuji camera since it doesn't require glasses, but we're still skeptical whether people want the tech at all. What say you?

Via Fujifilm