Seura Hydra waterproof HDTV lets you wash and watch

First you have to get past the idea that someone wants/needs an HDTV in the bathroom. Once you decide you want to despoil the last true reading refuge in your home with a boob tube, it's only logical that said HDTV would have to be waterproof.

Enter Seura, the premier maker of those mirror HDTVs. With its new waterproof Hydra 19-inch LCD HDTV, you can wash and watch simultaneously. It may stick out metaphorically, but physically Hydra sits flush against the tile in your personal porcelain purview.

To make sure your Hydra is interior-decorator friendly, you can get a frame in any Pantone color for a total of $3,600. If you want to eschew hue-matching, you can get the set set in either a pearl white or black onyx bezel for $600 less.