VW's 'Beetle of the 21st century' isn't all that buggy

Don't get me wrong: I'm into Volkswagen's E-Up! concept car, which the company plans to turn into a reality in some shape or form by 2013. I just don't know if it captures the spirit of the original Bug, aesthetically.

The vehicle itself is billed as a zero-emissions-mobile for four, with quick-charging batteries that can pump the vehicle up to 80% of its capacity after only an hour of being plugged in. A full charge would take five hours.

Still, you say "VW Bug" and one can't help but compare it to that venerable car, which offered an affordable, rugged vehicle for families — if a little cramped — that was also undeniably charming. So, the question is: Is Volkswagen missing the mark trying to cash in on that legacy with the E-Up?

Via Auto Motto