Video: Jet-powered carousel is spinning insanity

You'd think the hand-lettered warning scrawled on a piece of cardboard reading "CAUTION This May KILL You!" would be enough to scare off Popular Mechanics associate editor Seth Porges. But no. He hops on board the world's first jet-powered merry-go-round, test-piloting the home-made deathtrap with one other intrepid volunteer. In this spine-tingling video shot by DVICE's own S.E. Kramer, the two riders even hang tough when one of the jets flames out.

Despite the fact that those attending to this crazy contraption are wearing white coats, they're not scientists. They're part of a Brooklyn-based arts collective, The Madagascar Institute — not exactly inspiring confidence in the riders of this beast. And what, they're somehow controlling it with a leaf blower?

We get a kick out of home-made jet travel, even it's just around in circles like this. Still, there must be a law against this kind of stuff. The Madagascar Institute's motto ought to give you a hint: "Fear is never boring."

Via Popular Mechanics