U3-X is Honda's latest mobility device

As well as rhyming with Jane Fonda and Anaconda, Honda has a pretty nifty thing going on with mobility devices and robots. (they are also in the automobile business but since I think their cars are fug we'll leave it at that.) Anyhoo, leotard fans, let's have a look at their latest invention, the U3-X. It's a cross between a unicycle and a Segway and, as you will see from the video below, there are all sorts of things the 22-pound U3-X can do.

It uses the balance control technology developed during the creation of Asimo, which means that the rider controls speed and direction merely by leaning with their upper body. Unlike most mobility devices, which either put the user above or below the eye level of pedestrians, this little baby sits its rider at just the right height. And last, but not least, it's HOT. Not Paris Hilton hot, but it boasts the Honda Omni Traction drive system, which means that, as well as going forwards and backwards...

It can go sideways. As can Jane Fonda. Your move, gigamungous serpent.

BusinessWire Via Jalopnik