Toshiba proudly announces $250 Blu-ray player, the BDX2000

Ever since HD DVD lost the HD-disc format war, we knew this day would come. Toshiba, co-developer of the HD DVD format, is now offering up its first Blu-ray player, the BDX2000.

So why should you buy a player that was probably made by some pretty reluctant engineers? One reason: At $250, it's reasonably cheap as Blu-ray players go. Sure you can find players less expensive on Amazon, but remember that's list price — retail will probably be even less. It's almost like Toshiba said, "Don't like our format? Fine, we'll undercut your profits with a cheapo model. Take that, Boo-ray!"

Feature-wise, it's pretty standard, with 1080p output, BD-Live and BonusView (Profile 2.0), and support of 24Hz playback. It'll be out in November. My HD DVD set of The Sopranos Season 6 just shed a tear.