SwiMP3 underwater MP3 player transmits sound through your bones

FINIS just brought out a sleeker second generation of its SwiMP3 player, which uses bone conduction to deliver clearer sound underwater. The unit still clips onto a pair of goggles, and we're glad to see that FINIS ditched the bulky control unit that used to sit at the read of the head. Instead, you've just got the two units flanking your noggin.

All the control is handled through buttons on one of the earpieces, which are really more like side-of-the-head pieces. You've all the functionality you'd expect &8212; play/pause, moving between songs, shuffle — though, as this is a specialty player, only 1GB of storage. At $150 for the SwiMP3 you'd be able to find players with larger drives, but you probably wouldn't want to take those in the pool with you.

Here's a shot of how it fits (click on the image to see it larger):