Sprint shocks everyone with $69 unlimited-everything data/voice plan

Lurking underneath most of this whiz-bang mobile wizardry we show you every day is a data and voice plan, onerously expensive to the point of driving those of us who are less well-heeled to bankruptcy. And look who comes to the rescue: Sprint. How does $69 a month for unlimited everything sound? And that includes talking your fool head off 24/7 if you want to.

Sprint is hot. Yesterday it shows off the cute and elegant Palm Pixi smartphone, and then today slam-dunks its $69 a month plan that undercuts all of the other greedy cellphone providers by a mile. The plan includes the works:

Unlimited calls to any mobile phone, unlimited web surfing, Blackberry access, unlimited Direct Connect, unlimited text, picture, and video, and unlimited weekend minutes start at 7pm. Plus, the plan includes all the little extras like GPS Navigation, Music Premier, TV Premier, NFL Mobile Live, and NASCAR Sprint Cup Mobile.

How much cheaper is it? For example, if you want to use the iPhone in the least-expensive way possible, AT&T gouges you for more than $85 a month, and that only includes 200 voicemail text messages, sometimes-available "unlimited" 3G data, no MMS (yet), and 550 minutes of talk time. That $85 a month amounts to more than a thousand dollars a year. Compared with Sprint's new deal, AT&T's service is a ripoff.

This is revolutionary. Competition is good. Could this be our first look at the "invisible hand" of the marketplace invading the cushy world of fat cat cellphone providers? Whatever happened to that concept of using the airwaves, which belong to us all, for the public good?

Sprint, via MobileCrunch