Sony Ericsson introduces motion controlled earbuds

Sony Ericsson is introducing a feature it expects to become a standard in the earbud world: motion control. Pop the MH907 headphones into your ears and your music plays immediately. Pull 'em out and it stops — or you can pull out just one and take a call. Sony Ericsson calls it the 'SensMe' system, and it means you won't need any buttons at all.

Well, would this be a boon? An annoyance? It all depends on how reliable — or temperamental — the technology is. The MH907 earbuds will be available this week for $55, though it looks like you need a Sony Erisson phone with a "fast port" connector to get them to work right. Sony Ericsson has more info about compatibility on its website.

Click Continue to check out an animated ad for the MH907s.

Sony Ericsson, via Gizmodo