Sniff the bionic dog hunts gadgets with an RFID nose

Not just gadgets, either — Sniff can identify and react to anything that's appropriately labeled with an RFID tag. It's the same kind of thought processes driving technologies like the Tikitag, where each tag triggers a specific response. When it comes to Sniff, the digital pup will vibrate and make noises to respond in a tactile manner.

It's all the work of Sara Johansson, Timo Arnall and Einar Sneve Martinussen — students at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design — as a concept for a stuffed animal that would be perfect for kids with impaired vision. It doesn't look like you can get a Sniff of your own just yet, though there is a book available that goes into the tech and thought process behind the plushy companion.

Sniff, via Designboom