Side-by-side video: Flip Ultra vs. iPod Nano

Last week was full of rants and raves about the iPod Nano's on-board camcorder, but now we found a comparison of its video side-by-side with its targeted competitor, the standard-definition version of the Flip camcorder.

The verdict of the New TeeVee shooters who created this excellent real-time side-by-side comparison? The Flip wins, offering better video in both bright and low light, more detail, and better sound, even in a crowd. And we think the Flip's color looks better, too. Keep in mind, though, the cheapest Flip camcorder, the standard-definition Flip Ultra SD, has no music player on board like the iPod Nano's.

So take your pick, the cheapest iPod Nano for $150, or the lowest-end Flip Ultra camcorder, a bulkier unit that shoots better video for the same retail price (but you can find them for $127).

NewTeeVee, via CrunchGear