Review: Gorillamobile sturdy enough for iPhone?

We're big fans of the Joby Gorillapod and its associated brandmates, flexible tripods that grab onto almost anything. Looking for a reliable mount for our iPhone 3GS's unexpectedly useful on-board video camera, we jumped at the chance to get our hands on Gorrillamobile, the latest grabby stand for mobile devices including iPhones, small cameras, and GPS devices — anything weighing under 7.1 ounces. How well does it work? Hit the Continue Reading link to find out.

Joby gives you three ways to mount a device with Gorrillamobile, including a couple of sticker-backed mounts, a suction mount, and the most reliable of all, a standard tripod screw mount.

Not completely trusting Gorillamobile at first, we slightly moisturized and then attached the suction cup mount onto our 5.5 oz iPhone 3GS in a protective case, perched just a foot above a pillow. While the coupling seemed to be reliable at first, just a light tug on the iPhone sent it plummeting into the pillow. Not good.

Maybe we weren't getting enough suction because of that case. Removing iPhone from its case, the suction was slightly better but still not so steadfast that we would trust riding around with it mounted onto bicycle handlebars. Nor are we comfortable mounting the slobber-infused suction cup onto the iPhone's easily damaged screen, necessary if we wanted it to shoot video or stills.

That's okay, there's still the sticky mounts. Would they work? In a word, no. Even when we used the adhesive the first time, it wasn't holding fast enough to instill confidence. Nor were we that keen on sticking this adhesive pad to the screen of the iPhone. And using that adhesive for a second time? Forget it.

There is a bright spot: Gorillamobile works beautifully on small point-and-shoot cameras with standard tripod mounting holes. The Gorilla's three flexible arms grab onto any small cylindrical object, holding that camera reliably with the screwed-in tripod mount. For that, it's near-perfect.

But if you are reckless enough to mount your $700 iPhone GS onto this questionable perch, you're a whole lot braver, or richer, than we. Others have found this to be a worthy mount for the iPhone. We ask, are these people crazy? They must not have had to pay for their iPhones with their own money. For us, Gorillamobile is not recommended unless you're going to use its tripod mount.

Joby Gorillamobile