R2-D2 mod crams in eight game consoles and a projector

R2-D2 always seemed to have the right tool for any odd job, whether it be projecting a message of distress or opening up a blast door. Now, thanks to Popular Science reader Brian De Vitis (and PAX attendee, from the look of it), Artoo will also be able to play video games from a long time ago in living rooms far, far away.

From those rows of controllers strewn out on the floor, it looks like Artoo is packing an NES, SNES, Nintendo 64, Genesis, Dreamcast, Playstation, Xbox and — just a guess — PlayStation 2.

The sweetest part? It's also got a built-in projector for playing the games, which shines out of the same spot it did when Leia popped up and told Obi-Wan he was her only hope. There has been no greater legacy console mod than this, to be sure.

It can be seen in a recent copy of Popular Science, as pictured below.

TheForce.net, via Kotaku