Palm Pixi: Pre's little candybar brother makes its debut

Palm never officially acknowledged its existence until now, but we've been hearing hints about this cute little brother to the Palm Pre for a while now. It's called the Palm Pixi, and instead of the Pre's slider form factor, it's got its keyboard up front, candy-bar style. Like the Sprint-exclusive Pre, it'll have 8GB of storage inside, and will run the same WebOS operating system, but it won't have Wi-Fi.

Its capacitive touchscreen is about a half-inch smaller than the Pre's, 2.63 inches at 320 x 400, but on the plus side, that diminutive screen keeps it small enough to fit into the tiniest pocket. This little Pixi has a mini price to match — it'll set you back around $99 when Sprint ships it December, just in time for Christmas.

Palm Pixi