Netgear Digital Entertainer Live: Internet TV arrives... sort of

I know January is hard to remember at this point, but Netgear is finally making good on that uber-media receiver it promised back at CES. The Digital Entertainer Live (new name) brings all sorts of Internet video to your TV set, including YouTube, CBS, Hulu, Netflix and a host of other sites. It'll also grab music, pics and videos off your PC. Not bad for $150.

The catches? To see any video from Netflix or Hulu, you'll need to leave your PC switched on while running PlayOn software. That costs extra (PlayOn sells for $40, but Netgear promises its customers a discount). Catch No. 2: The Digital Entertainer Live needs an adapter to do its tricks wirelessly, and that'll set you back $40 as well — unless stringing an Ethernet cable from your PC to your HDTV sounds like a fun prospect.

So while the content sounds amazing, the hardware on these media receivers still seems a little wobbly. Our vote: Just put a damn PC in your home theater already.

Via Netgear