Mysterious HTC Tattoo phone touted as 'fully customizable'

Maybe no cellphone seems quite right for you, but that's where HTC thinks its Tattoo smartphone might be the one. Just like a tattoo, you get to decide this Android-running handset's specs. HTC is being coy about exactly what it means by "fully customizable," but mentions user-configurable applications, content (so far, this is nothing new), and hardware, of all things.

The burning question now is, what does HTC mean about configurable hardware? If that means you can choose between an 8GB and 16GB hard drive, that's no big deal, but if it means you choose between an OLED screen and a regular LCD, or between a capacitive or resistive touchscreen, or whether you can use it on Verizon, Sprint, AT&T or T-Mo, well, now we're getting somewhere.

That musing aside, it'll be decked out with our fave Android attributes, including the steadily growing Android Market and tight integration of Google apps/search/Gmail, as well as a 3.2-megapixel autofocusing camera and a microSD card slot. Look for it to go on sale in Europe next month, and then watch it appear around the rest of the world "in the coming months." This one's mysterious, but we like its smooth and chic look, which we're assuming is not customizable.

Via Gearlog