Multi-Function charger adds solar power to emergency options

We've all seen our share of crank-up flashlights and radios, but this latest offering takes the model one step further and adds a very cool, and useful solar panel to the device. The Sterling Multi PowerStation 5600 functions primarily as a disaster/emergency device by providing you with a hand-crank-powered LED light, AM/FM radio, 3 rechargeable AA batteries, and adapters capable of charging most cell phones and portable devices.

In addition to the now standard disaster device functions, the 5600 has a cool little flip-out solar panel that needs about three hours of sunlight to begin providing you with energy for your various electronics. If you pick this up (priced at around 6,000 yen, or $65), hopefully your disaster won't involve a Mist-like Lovecraftian monstrosity that blots out the sun.

Via Nikkei