Motorola CLIQ: T-Mobile phone with hot Android skin

Motorola and T-Mobile will introduce a new phone running Google's Android mobile operating system this holiday season, the two companies announced Thursday at a mobile-technology conference in San Francisco.

The new phone, dubbed the Motorola CLIQ, combines the touchscreen interface popularized by the iPhone with the slide-out QWERTY keyboard common in many other phones. The device will feature integrated 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity, a 5-megapixel camera, 24 frames-per-second video capabilities, a standard headphone jack, and Google's mobile HTML browswer. Users of the CLIQ also will have access to the thousands of Android applications currently available.

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The phone also will feature Motorola's MOTOBLUR software, also announced Thursday that's designed to set Motorola's Android phones apart, and allows users to sync all of their mobile data — messaging, photos, social-networking posts, contact information, etc. — on the phone's homescreen. MOTOBLUR structures contact entries so all of their various messages and postings are presented together, and drop-down menus allow the user to reach out to that contact via phone, e-mail, SMS or social network messages and posts.

"All my messages are organized for me in easy to use streams," says Sanjay Jha, co-CEO of Motorola, and CEO of Motorola's mobile device unit. "You can focus on what people have to say instead of what web site or service they used."

The new device and software appear to be geared specifically to take advantage of the growing use of the mobile Web, which Jha called "the most important opportunity in technology today." Jha noted that the number of cellphone users in the U.S. who access the Web daily from their device doubled from nearly 11 million in 2008 to 22 million in 2009.

Pricing for the CLIQ was not divulged. The phone will be marketed internationally as the DEXT.