Moonbell turns the lunar surface into 3D record player

What use do most of us have with satellite data from the moon? We turn it into music, of course.

Moonbell is a free program that takes the topographic data of the moon and uses the geographical ups and downs to create music. The data is taken from a Japanese satellite orbiting the moon using a laser to map out the topography — the same satellite that's generating the images for Google Moon. The program turns the elevation profile of the orbit into a frequency plot. You can track a straight orbit, or just trace a line across the lunar surface to create your own astronomic masterpiece in the Free Scratch mode.

It's not just a monophonic melody; the harmonies are created by evaluating the area right around the track, and the bass line looks at a wider area around the orbital line.

Who knew the man in the moon was a musician?

Moonbell via Telegraph