MoGo creates backpack for iPhone Bluetooth earpiece

Where's the best place to keep your Bluetooth earpiece without losing it - besides in your ear? MoGo thinks the right place for it is on the back of your iPhone or BlackBerry, in a shallow cavity molded into a clip-on false back into which the flat MoGo Bluetooth earpiece snaps. The earpiece doesn't stay flat - the actual earpiece piece folds down to go in your ear.

Under the earpiece stowage cavity is a flip-up micro USB jack, which enables you to connect your iPhone or BlackBerry to one charger and the earpiece to a separate USB cable without removing the Talk from the phone.

It's a clever arrangement, but works only if the earpiece fits in your ear comfortably (it did mine) and if it sounds halfway decent. We can't help you on this latter bit - it was impossible to hear anything from them in the crowded, noisy exhibit hall.

The iPhone version just came out, and the BlackBerry version is expected before the holiday season, both priced at $130.