Lucky Dragon fishing boat has a 23-foot-tall dragon head, breathes fire

No doubt a descendant of the one-'bot-destruction-derby, the Robosaurus, Japan's Lucky Dragon is the creation of "post-apocalyptic" artist Yanobe Kenji, and a callback to the Daigo Fukuryu Maru, a Japanese fishing boat that was exposed to nuclear fallout during the Bikini Atoll testing in 1954. The craft itself is about 50 feet long and supports the 23-foot-long dragon head, which spits both water and fire and has light-up eyes.

Mr. Yanobe built the vessel for the Aqua Metropolis festival in Osaka, and will be terrorizing canals in the area until October 12th. The same canals, you may remember, that are also being paid a visit by solar-powered UFOs. Is Osaka setting the stage for an alien-on-dragon battle royale?

Check the Lucky Dragon out in a video after the jump.

Yanobe Kenji, via Pink Tentacle, via Gizmo Watch