Livepack: wireless streaming HD video from anywhere

So, you've got this amazing event coming up. Your band's big concert, a 24-hour urban alleycat bike race, or just your best friend's location wedding. How do you share it with everyone who can't make it? Simple. Rent Livestream's new streaming HD video Livepack system that sends the HD signal wirelessly, even from a moving vehicle. It works anywhere — even when you don't have a decent Internet connection.

Livepack is a complete system; it includes six 3G modems to carry the HD signal, HD camera, FireWire cable and all other hardware, packed into a single backpack. All data is recorded on the Livestream server.

Livepack is available for a monthy rental for $2,500, or you can get it for one year for $18,000, with 30 hours of streaming 1Mbps connectivity per month.

Can't make it to the concert? Stream the concert to you.

Via Electronista