Lexus teases LF-Ch hybrid compact car concept

Lexus has a tricky hybrid up its sleeve, planning to show the LF-Ch Compact concept at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show in a couple of weeks. The sporty five-door compact has the Lexus Hybrid Drive with its EV (electric vehicle) Mode that gives you all-electric driving at lower speeds.

Unlike the Chevy Volt, which uses a gasoline engine to power the battery, the Lexus Hybrid drive works like its cousin, the Toyota Prius, with the gasoline engine kicking in when higher speeds or more power are required.

Looks like the LF-Ch could be a worthy addition to the existing line of Lexus "full hybrids." Lexus isn't saying when this sweet ride might be available — you know how it goes with concept cars, many of which never see the light of day outside of a trade show — but for now we have this enticing graphic, along with one more of the rear end of this snazzy electro-Lexus [UPDATE: We now have another front view, too]:

Via Autoblog