Kwikset, Schlage locks send you e-mail when door opened

Want to keep track of your kids' or spouse's comings and goings? Electronic combination locks from Kiwkset, a subsidiary of Black & Decker, and Schlage send an e-mail to your cellphone when someone unlocks your door.

Locks from both companies are designed to be integrated with a more ornate wireless whole-house automation system; Kwikset is partnered with Control4 and Schlage has its own system called LiNK. In both cases, you can program the lock so when you enter your code, the system can be programmed to initiate all sorts of other activities such as lights going on, music or TV switched on, window shades lowered or raised, thermostat brought to room temperature, etc. Control4's system includes AV controls; Schlage's does not.

Kwikset's lock (pictured) comes in three metallic finishes priced between $100-$110, can store up to 30 programmable codes, are equipped with motorized bolts for remote control (so you don't have to get out of bed to lock the doors). To get the notification e-mail (and get all the other automation) you have to have a Control4 system of some sort installed.

Schlage locks ($200) can handle up to 19 different codes, and come in either lever or deadbolt (not motorized) versions. While you won't need a whole system to enable the Schlage email notification, you have to pay $13 a month for a monitoring system to get them.