KEF wireless subwoofer looks like a spaceship

It's hardly the first wireless subwoofer, but KEF's HTB2SE-W is possibly the coolest-looking sub we've seen. While the oblong shape, similar to B&W's PV1, is sure to stand out in your listening room (we'll leave you to ponder whether that's a good thing), the 10-inch driver, driven by a 250-watt Class D amplifier, will certainly make itself heard.

The wireless connection is said to transmit CD-quality sound via the 2.4GHz band with an 80-foot range, freeing you up to put it anywhere in the room you want (still gotta plug it in, though). It's coming in October for $1,200. We like the wireless ability and love the look. Still, we have to wonder how much benefit will either really bestow given that you'll just dump it in the corner anyway?

KEF, via Engadget