First Wi-Fi HDTV with a QWERTY remote: Just $2k from Vizio!

It sounds like a Billy Mays spiel: A 55-inch LED backlit LCD 1080p HDTV with built-in Wi-Fi (b/g/n), a first for a connected HDTV, with access to Yahoo Widgets and maybe Vudu, a USB jack that can play H.264, Windows Video 9 and other video formats along with music and photos from a connected drive, a remote with a Bluetooth-connected slide-out horizontal QWERTY keyboard (another first for a connected HDTV) — all for just $2,199 list, which means less than $2,000 in the real world.

This $2,000 55-inch HDTV is the VF552XVT VIA (an acronym for Vizio Internet Apps) HDTV from Vizio, and it'll be available in December.

If 55 inches is too large (or $2k too much), there'll be an identical 47-inch LED LCD set (pictured) and a regular LCD 42-inch version as well for $1,700 ($1,500 street) and $1,300 (less than $1,000 street), respectively. Both will include the QWERTY remote.

Just to repeat: this will be the first connected HDTV from anyone with built-in Wi-Fi and a QWERTY keypad on the remote. How Vizio has managed this before Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, et al., is anyone's guess. Operators, however, are not standing by. You'll likely have to go to Costco or Sam's Club to get one.