iPhone case fends off deadly cellphone radiation

You want to scare somebody? Just mutter something about radiation and you'll be able to sell an iPhone case for $60. That's one dollar for each percentage point of deadly cellphone radiation this silicone case is said to prevent from reaching into your brain. Could this be a lifesaver?

Despite the lack of credible evidence, the fearmongers at Pong Research hope to sell their iPhone case by comparing cellphone radiation with cigarette smoking. Will cellphones kill you with brain cancer? It's possible, but unlikely, according to the World Health Organization. But there's a big difference between possibility and probability, which is a concept that most people have trouble grasping. Beyond that, iPhones are not even in the top 20 emitters of cellphone radiation.

Pong Research should also make hats out of this magical silicone stuff, because this tin foil we've been wearing is just not very comfortable.

Via CrunchGear