Powerful Intel Moblin OS 2.1 coming to cellphones

Intel's been dabbling in its Moblin (get it? Mobile + Linux = Moblin?) operating system for a couple of years now. Aimed at netbooks and mobile internet devices running Intel's Atom processors, Moblin's already gone through a couple of versions. Now, the company is touting version 2.1, and it looks like it's about ready to show up in Atom-running cellphones someday soon.

Moblin 2.1 does some neat tricks, including displaying numerous widgets for plenty of social networking, and multiple applications that can all run the same time in a panels-based user interface. One of the best features is its nearly instant boot time.

This micro Linux distribution running the Gecko browser is still early in its prototype stage, and Intel's not talking about when it might actually see the light of day. When it debuts, there will be even more competition in the mobile operating system arena.

Via MidMoves