iHat rocks the tunes while keeping your head warm

Last winter we kept the ears warm while enjoying our tunes with Stereo Toasters and their less-attractive rival, the Earmuff Headphones. When winter arrives just a few short months from now, the rest of my follicularly challenged head will stay toasty too with iHat, a skullcap with a couple of speakers embedded in just the right places.

Plug it into any standard headphone jack and you're rocking and running in two seconds flat. We like its slightly severe, do-rag looks, too. If you're up for coldy-walks, the timing might be right, making it a worthy way to spend $25 come December 14.

Just think, to keep your head warm, you don't even have to wear a dorky, inexplicably-brimmed and knit Nike headphone hat. Or you could just reject all this headphone/hat-ness altogether and slip on your earbuds underneath your normal winter headgear.

Via 7 Gadgets and Iwantoneofthose