CueLight pool table burns $200,000 hole in your pockets

If you go down to Esquire's Ultimate Bachelor Pad today, you'd better take your pool cue — and some insurance. The creation of creative tech company Digital Obscura, the CueLight uses $80,000-worth of overhead projectors and motion sensors to turn a $125,000 pool table into a gorgeous, if slightly flat, rendition of a wanton, rich laydee who pouts at your every trick shot.

As well as the pancake-shaped babe, there are plans for software that directs you, via projected arrows on the baize, where to strike the ball, plus computer calculations that tell you how hard to whack the cue ball. Well, sod that for a game of soldiers — I'd like imagery that shows all the people who've ever pissed me off running in terror as, Indiana Jones-like, they desperately try to avoid being squished.

Via Gizmodo