How much bass does $10,000 buy?

CEDIA is well known for its wildly wild-looking and expensive speakers. But you figure that for a five- or six-figure price tag, you'd get plenty of bass from a pair of skyscraper-sized floor speakers.

You'd figure wrong. Revel's 225-pound ottoman-sized (around 28 inches square) Ultima Rhythm2 subwoofer is capable of outputting 5,600 watts of boom at peak, for which you will pay 10 g's. And I'll be honest — based on the price tag of some speakers I've run across on the show floor, this might not even be the most expensive subwoofer available.

Since this is the second-gen Rhythm, you have to believe that there's a market for this kind of bottom. I just don't know anyone in that market. If you are in the market for a $10,000 subwoofer, you'll have to wait until January to buy it and, after you buy it, can you buy me a new 65-inch plasma?