Handycooler personal A/C offers instant cool

Live in a swamp? The Handycooler Personal Air Conditioner might not do you much good, but if you reside anywhere else, evaporative cooling might be just what you need to beat the heat. With this handheld unit that's about the size of an '80s cellphone, cooling off is as easy as dampening a small sponge and placing it inside. As long as you haven't used up the five hours' worth of power afforded by Handycooler's required four AA batteries, it's instant coolness.

If its manufacturer is to be believed, this 7-ounce cooler can lower the temperature of the air by "up to 25 degrees Fahrenheit." We're thinking that must've been measured in a desert somewhere, but still, this might be well worth its $40 price. It's no LEGO air conditioner, but it'll probably offer you some semblance of relief until the blast-furnace-like weather finally goes away.

Via Think Geek