Google celebrates birthday of Japan's most famous robot cat

Google Japan has once again shown off its penchant for whimsy by celebrating the birthday of Japan's number one robot cat Doraemon. In the original manga series the robot's birthday is listed as September 3, 2112, a year in which, if technology continues at its current pace, we'll probably have robot-cats even more advanced than the trans-dimensional Doraemon.

Arriving from the future to help out a descendant of its human master, Doraemon uses a "yojigen-pocket," or 4-dimensional pocket, as well as a number of sci-fi gadgets that transform matter and bend time to assist it during its adventures. The next major Doraemon release is Doraemon the Movie: Nobita's Great Battle of the Mermaid King. You can get your fix of almost-real robot-cat action courtesy of Bandai's Doraemon robot for just 31,500 ($339) here.

Via Google Japan