Golfer Michael Allen has an LCD screen right on his bag

A company called Pro Bag Ads must have watched Caddyshack a few too many times because it's installing LCD screens on the bags of pro golfers. 2009 PGA champ Michael Allen is the only participating golfer at the moment, and — instead of blasting tunes or playing cartoons — his sun-guarded HD LCD panel plays ads from his sponsors.

From Pro Bag Ads:

Typically advertisers are limited to brand marketing in the form of logoed accessories such as shirts, hats, pants and bags. Pro Bag Ads can be run at varying speeds,changes can be easily made to maximize exposure for the locations of store fronts or the locations were your produces and services can be purchased relative to the region the event is in.

Michael Allen, who recently won the Senior PGA Championship on the Champions Tour and plays on the regular PGA Tour at 50 years old will be carrying the multimedia system promoting 19th Hole Wines and information on his favorite charity, children's diabetes.

Pro Bag Ads, via Gizmo Watch