Go ga-ga over Monster's Lady Gaga earbuds

No, they're not earrings. They're Heartbeat earbuds from Monster Cable, designed to look like jewelry by the fashionably flamboyant Lady Gaga.

But they're not really jewelry, either, just jewel-inspired. They're available in three basic versions: one with a metal body with a rose red jewel-shaped earpiece (pictured), another metal body model with a chrome jewel-shaped earpiece, and one with a black-on-black body and jewel-shaped earpiece design. All include Monster's new flat cable, designed to be tangle-free, and the plan is to offer them in a variety of colors with different feature options, such as an in-line mic and control button for use with iPhones and iPods.

Like Monster's other Beat headphones and earbuds, the Heartbeats deliver a lot more bass than your usual earbuds. They'll be available next month for $100 to $150, depending on model.