Go figure: finalized PS3 motion controller looks like a Wiimote

Who woulda thunk it? Apparently the 3-year-old Wiimote is the ideal form factor for motion control (unless you opt to go sans controller), as the still unnamed — though now finalized — motion controller for the PlayStation 3 looks just like it.

You've got your buttons up top and a trigger down below, a lithium-ion battery, accelerometer and gyroscope inside, and the same rumble tech Sony's DualShock 3 controllers use. Really, the only big difference to see here is that the PS3 motion controller has a big ball stuck to the end of it, which is what the PlayStation Eye camera looks for to track movement.

So, now all Sony needs is to ditch the dumb name. Hopefully they'll land somewhere between something that's almost as tacky catch as a Wiimote, but not as bewildering as Natal.

Via Electronista