Eneloop flashlight doubles as a mood lamp

One of the more annoying things about flashlights is you need to store them somewhere. Then, when you actually need one, you totally forget where the damn thing is and end up bumping into things in the dark while you ransack your place looking for it.

This Eneloop flashlight takes away that problem by doubling as mood lamp. Now you'll always know where your flashlight is since it's decorating your room. As a lamp, it can provide white room light for three hours on a charge, a dim night light that will last 45 hours, or blue ambient lighting for 16. A built-in accelerometer knows when you pick it up, automatically switching it to flashlight mode (6 hours), while a small circular stand keeps it charged. Plus it looks pretty sleek.

The flashlight is supposed to be available Sept. 11, but it appears Eneloop means available as a proof of concept, so there's no price as of yet.

Eneloop, via MoCo Loco