Duracell myGrid charges phones on a conductive pad

If you find you usually have more phones than you have outlets to charge them with, Durcell's myGrid conductive charging pad may do just the trick. Duracell sells sleeves — called Power Clips — along with the pad that you attach to your phone, and then charging is as easy as placing it on the myGrid. It's child safe, too — the unit Duracell showed us automatically switched off when we touched it with our fingers, and then automatically turned back on when we pulled away.

The myGrid itself fits four devices comfortably and currently has sleeves available for Nokia, Motorola and Blackberry devices. Duracell also has plans to include the iPhone in the coming months, and the prototype iPhone Power Clip they showed us looked very much like your average sleeve for the phone.

The myGrid is available on Amazon for an $85 preorder, which gets you the pad as well as a mini-USB compatible Power Clip. The price of the clips aren't set in stone, yet, but Duracell is looking at somewhere around $30. Look for it all on October 12th.

Via MyGrid