DARPA shows off its remote-controlled cyborg beetles

Yep. You read that right: cyborg beetles. Remote controlled ones, no less. It's the work of a team of puppet masters over at UC Berkley, who have successfully wired up beetles with electrodes that allow them to be controlled remotely.

"We demonstrated the remote control of insects in free flight via an implantable radioequipped miniature neural stimulating system," the team reported in a paper titled Frontiers in Integrative Neuroscience. "The pronotum mounted system consisted of neural stimulators, muscular stimulators, a radio transceiver-equipped microcontroller and a microbattery."

The research is (of course) sponsored by DARPA, and the UC Berkley team isn't the only group reporting success — researchers at the University of Michigan have their very own cyborg moth.

Tomorrow's headline? "Cyber Beetle to Take Cyborg Moth This Sunday SUNDAY SUNDAY!"

Wired, via Geekologie