Cocoon food grower wins Electrolux Design Contest

There comes a time in every writer's life when he or she is faced with a conundrum: how to disarm an unwanted double entendre. And this, campers, is the problem I face with last night's victor of the Electrolux Design Contest. The Cocoon cooker (okay so far) is a great example of forward-thinking tech (yuh, still good) — a food generator (uh-huh) that *cough* lets you grow your own meat.

See? There's nothing I can do to make that last phrase sound acceptable. The brains behind this idea — nothing that Trekkies haven't fantasized about yet — is a Swede of the non-boilable or mashable type who goes by the name of Rickard Hederstierna. He thinks that the Cocoon could make food shortages a thing of the past. "This will create 100 per cent pure meat without the need for animals to be killed and with no risk of contamination," said the 27-year-old. "It will change everything."

The design, described as "controversial" by one of the judges, is made of glass, and works by cooking pre-mixed packets of muscle cells, oxygen and nutrients. I know, it sounds just too oddball to be true — until you discover what future invention the Cocoon beat to win the contest: a fridge that teleports food from around the world. Now, teleport yourself below the jump to see a video.

Via Daily Mail