Updated Chumby One connects you and your widgets in style

Remember Chumby, that padded Internet-connected 320 x 240-pixel screen that looked like it belonged in a converted van from the '70s? A lot has happened in the two years since Chumby was introduced. Now it's updated for the current era, dubbed the Chumby One, and still carefully loading connected widgets that'll bring you YouTube videos, weather and news, RSS feeds, and our favorite, Pandora music.

A welcome improvement is Chumby One's faster processor: 454MHz of cool power compared to its slightly slower predecessor. While some might dislike its clean lines and sky-blue highlight, we're digging it. If you can wait a few weeks until it's released, it might be worth the $100 to have the alarm clock of the future that shows you so much more.

Gadgeteer, via CrunchGear