Humorous 'Bots With Stuff' carry items from all walks of geekdom

Apparently it all started as a bet. A coworker challenged Shoebox artist Chris Grines that he wouldn't be able to draw three robots a week, and he reckoned he could. The result? "165 Bots With Stuff," which, as the name implies, is a gallery of robots with — well — stuff.

So far, the 55-week-long project has seen said stuff from all kinds of geeky sources. There are references to movies, games and more with callbacks to Star Wars (didn't see any Trek, though), Transformers, Princess Bride, Zelda, and even some out-there stuff such as nods to fast food and Saturday Night Live. There are also plenty of designs where the stuff is just stuff, but humorous nonetheless.

Check out some of our favorites down below.

165 Bots With Stuff, via BotJunkie