Bose SoundDock 10: iPod docks grow up

Unveiled today at a theatrical product demo in Manhattan: the Bose SoundDock 10, a XXL version of its (apparently popular) SoundDock iPod speaker. The SoundDock 10 bumps up the size and power (and price) of the SoundDock while still keeping the footprint small. How much power? Bose is notorious for not releasing specs, but the demo was convincing: The SD10 managed to blast clear and room-filling sound into a sizable meeting space.

Worried all that sound might shake up your iPod Classic's hard disk? Fear not — the base has a suspension system that keeps your iPod steady even when the speaker is at full boom. There's an aux input for hooking up your Zune HD as well as a composite-video output for watching iPod video on a TV. Don't get too excited about the USB port — it's only for software upgrades (no syncing)… which the initial units might need since it's not compatible with iPhone 3.1 yet (I checked), even though it's said to be iPhone compatible. Its best trick, though, is the optional Bluetooth streamer, which you snap into the dock when you want to carry your iPhone but still stream music to the dock.

The SoundDock 10 is intended to stand in as your main sound system, and it's priced to do just that: $599. The Bluetooth module sells for $149. This should suit you fine if you want something big-sounding and super-simple, and your musical life revolves around your iPod. I think I just described most music listeners in America. Too bad not many of them can probably afford this these days.

Via Bose